L.E.D. man

Hemchandra Inamdar with Madhav Dhokale

Meet Mr.Madhav Dhokale. It’s his hobby to roam around on the streets of Pune, India
with LED embedded scooter, jacket and cowboy hat whenever heโ€™s in the mood ๐Ÿ™‚ !

Madhav Dhokale with LED lit up scooter in Pune

He lives near Parvati and takes out his lit-up scooter, dons his sparkling jacket and Clint Eastwood style cowboy hat and rides around Pune city, basking in the attention he gets from crowds on the streets. Madhav is a retailer of lights and other decoration material – he has pasted LED lights on two scooters. An integrated circuit inside provides the light and it runs on a 9-12 battery, which lasts four days if used continuously. The structure of the scooter has much scope for decoration, which is why he chose to conduct his experiment on an old 1960 Lambretta scooter model. This entire exercise cost Dhokale about Rs.25k (about $500).

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